What to Expect

Visiting a new church for the first time can be somewhat daunting, so we’ve provided the information below to help you feel more comfortable at Holy Spirit. CLICK HERE for upcoming events and our monthly newsletters.

Coming to church?...

A map with our location is available at the bottom of this page so you can find us easily. Once you arrive, our large parking lot is available just west of the church building. Parking for the handicapped is just to the right of the main church entrance. Greeters will welcome you at the door and ushers will give you a bulletin at the doors to the sanctuary. Coat racks are located just beyond the sanctuary doors and bathrooms are just beyond the coat racks.

What should I wear to church?

There is no "dress code" at Holy Spirit. Worshippers wear everything from casual slacks and golf shirts or sweaters to suits and dresses. Please wear whatever you feel is comfortable for you.

What about children?

At Holy Spirit we believe that families should worship together. Children are welcome during worship and a special children’s message is an important part of every service. Children and their parents are welcome to take communion first and then the children are excused to attend Sunday School .

How hard is it to follow the service?

Bulletins are provided to assist worshippers in following the service. In addition, a worship booklet is provided during most seasons of the church year. There’s no need to fumble through heavy books trying to find the right page! The Pastor provides direction as well so worshippers feel comfortable and at ease.

What about Communion?

All believers in Jesus Christ are invited, but not required, to receive Communion. Ushers direct those who wish to commune via the center aisle. Worshippers stand to receive Communion and return to their seats via the side aisle. Grape juice is available in the center of each Communion tray as an alternative to wine. Worshippers who wish to take Communion, but who are unable to walk to the front of the church, should inform an usher and the Pastor will bring the bread and wine to your seat.

Will I be embarrassed because I’m a visitor?

Visitors are always welcome at Holy Spirit. You will be asked to sign the Guest Book to the right of the doors to the sanctuary and given a Welcome Bag. During the Passing of the Peace you will be warmly greeted by other worshippers seated near you. You will not be asked to stand, raise your hand or be singled out as a visitor during worship.

We look forward to you joining us at Holy Spirit!